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Art Gallery SirK

I Help Artists Create Acrylic Pouring Masterpieces

Join Me To Discover How

You dream of creating show-stopping acrylic pouring art. You know you have artistic talents, even if they’re hiding.


You’re creative. You have passion. And you long to share it with the world.


Maybe you’re not even that good at drawing. But you know acrylic pouring artwork speaks to you. In your heart, it just feels right.


So why are you getting it so wrong?


Don’t worry, I’m Kristina Tonev – acrylic pouring artist and instructor.


And I’m here to guide you to unbelievable success.

Let’s Create Outstanding Acrylic Pouring Art 


  • If you’re stuck with muddy pours and cracking


  • Completely fed up of wasting time, money and art supplies


  • Frustrated you can’t create those beautiful acrylic pouring cells


  • And secretly desperate to make money from the art you love…


I understand! Because I used to be the same.

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Welcome To My Land of Acrylic Pouring


Hi, I’m Kristina – award-winning acrylic pouring artist.


Do you want to know something amazing?


You can find my acrylic pouring artwork exhibited in galleries around the globe. Everywhere from the UK to New York. And France, Rome, Shanghai…


I create acrylic pouring art that galleries crave to have on their walls. Art that is one of a kind and can never be replicated. Art that buyers appreciate and are excited to invest their money in.


Can you imagine?


But I’m not telling you this to show off. I’m sharing it to show you it’s possible for you too.


I’m here to teach you exactly how to acrylic pour – and then make real money from your art.


Because teaching artists just like you is my passion. (And yes, you are an artist!)


I want to help you believe, create and be yourself through art.

Acrylic Pouring, How to acrylic pour, acrylic pouring art, acrylic pouring artwork

I Teach Beginners How To Acrylic Pour Like A Pro

I share my exact acrylic pouring techniques and then encourage you and watch you grow. You deserve to be respected as an artist.


I remember how it feels to be at your stage of the journey.


  • It’s like you’re drowning in paint and you don’t know where to begin


  • Every acrylic pouring ‘expert’ tells you something different


  • You’ve watched hundreds of acrylic pouring YouTube videos and they make it look so easy


  • But your acrylic pours just look like a hot mess!


Don’t panic, you’re in the right place. Let me show you the ways I can help you…

Acrylic Pouring, How to acrylic pour, acrylic pouring art, acrylic pouring artwork

My Free Ultimate Flip Cup Acrylic Pouring Guide


Do you want to know something surprising?


You don’t need to mess around with hundreds of different acrylic pouring techniques, waste any more hours on YouTube or throw away even more precious supplies.


You just need one simple acrylic pouring technique – flip cup.


Flip cup acrylic pouring is the exact technique I use to create my show-stopping masterpieces. The ones that hang in prestigious art galleries around the globe!


And I’m ready to share it with you; because I know you deserve to paint your own success.


So if you want:


  • My simple checklist so you can quickly master flip cup


  • My exact method to ensure beautiful acrylic pouring results – with cells and laces!


  • And the answers to all your stresses with:


  • Which acrylic pouring materials you really need


  • Perfecting your paint consistency


  • Ending frustrating cracks and muddy pours


Then stop wasting paint and materials and grab my ultimate guide now!

Acrylic Pouring, How to acrylic pour, acrylic pouring art, acrylic pouring artwork

And Here’s A Testimonial For My Ultimate Flip Cup Acrylic Pouring Guide


“I loved your free checklist. It had all the info about what to use and how to use it. The techniques described help the novice, like me, to attempt acrylic pouring with confidence.


The advice is invaluable and will help me purchase the correct items to achieve the desired and best results. Thank you.”  


Shaun Smith, Chesterfield, UK

My Free Acrylic Pouring Facebook Community 


If you’re fed up of feeling overwhelmed and are ready for me to show you how to acrylic pour to perfection, my free Facebook group Acrylic Pouring Land is the place for you.


If you’d love to:


  • Watch simple and friendly acrylic pouring training videos – that are so much better than YouTube!


  • Get my professional advice on all your burning questions – consistency, cracks, cells and more


  • Be welcomed into a supportive community of creatives


  • Feel confident to share and celebrate your acrylic pouring artwork


  • Find never-ending artistic inspiration


  • And begin your journey to becoming a professional artist – making money from your art


If you lack of time and can’t join me live, i got you!

Here is Acrylic Pouring Quick Start to get you on the ladder of your journey as an artist in acrylic pouring.

All in one course is not only to show you how to get huge cells and create your own masterpiece, but also how to embellish it, market and sell your paintings.


Click this link to get your lifetime access now.


Want To See A Testimonial For Acrylic Pouring Land? 


“Hi Kristina


I love your group.


Your energy is beautiful and pure. I feel you genuinely want to share your skills. I love how you explain things and your voice is soothing and calming. 


You provide a safe environment so your members feel safe and build confidence.”


Simone Babic, UK


Discover More About Me


Do you watch other people creating amazing acrylic pouring art and think it will never happen for you?


Maybe you dream of seeing your art in exhibitions, but you feel like all this luck is for other people?


Well, let me tell you a secret.


I grew up in Lithuania, weeding our allotment and foraging for food in the forest while my friends played in the lake.


The message in the air was clear.  “You can’t make bread from art.”


So I proved them wrong.


I sneaked into art classes with no money, because I had none to give. My passion for painting was stronger than my embarrassment.


When I found money to pay for real art classes, I drew square apples instead of round ones. Formal art training was not for me.


I’m a rebel. You too?


Well, it worked.

Acrylic Pouring, How to acrylic pour, acrylic pouring art, acrylic pouring artwork

Share My Acrylic Pouring Experience


I’m now an award-winning acrylic pouring artist, with art exhibited in galleries around the globe. I’ve got more than 20 years of painting experience to share with you.


I’m represented by the prestigious Agora Gallery in New York, where my acrylic pouring masterpieces hang on the walls. And people pay hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars for them.


And I’m also an acrylic pouring instructor – so I can teach you to do exactly the same!


I specialize in enhancing art techniques and helping artists just like you turn your art into masterpieces.


So I’m here to show you that yes – you CAN make bread from art.


You can earn real money from your acrylic pouring paintings. I’m here to teach you how.


If you want to learn more about me, here’s the link to my About page. Let’s create your success together…



Be yourself!



No more hiding!

How to acrylic pour, Acrylic pouring art, Acrylic pouring artwork, Acrylic pouring