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”573 words”


Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40cm.


Stay close, hold my hand, The Gathering, Collective Consciousness, 2020, Humanity, Spirit guide, Help us, Echos of Gratitude, Fighting conscious, Scream, Open arms, Tous différents et tous ensembles, Guiding spirit, Storm of Covid19, Together, Soul Sweeper, Human spirit, Released from Isolation , Climate Change , Survival, Tug of War, Humanities Struggle , Social distancing, Ballet, A Keeper, Dementor, Eternal life , Spirit vibration , Sleeping child, Together , Get out Coronaviris, Letting go, Floating on air, Floating in space, Ghost, Tag…Your it, The mask, Faces, I can see you, Schizophrenia, Eye of the storm, Salvation, Connection, Ties, Sprite, We are in this together, Roots, Green Iris, Hope, Connected in the shadows, Faces, The struggle, Peace and pandemonium, Lost souls, Saved by Grace, Awakening, Faces of Change, Æther Portal, Escaped Soul, Spiritual Warfare, Inner, Reinvention of a Man, I’ll be there, My inner spirits, Alien, The Gathering of Souls, Lost souls, Letting go to become me, Lost lovers, I have you by the throat, Spirits returned, Pandemonium, Life in the conflict, Soulful, Beautiful, Passage, United, Within, Corona, Rover of souls, Into the light, Dream stage, Spirit realm, Dragon and man, Decision of purgatory, The demons meet, Deflated, Humanity, Together in Solace , The call of origin, Lost, The souls of envy, Emerald Channel, Influence, Pandora’s box, Creation of man, 6 faces 3 human 2 reptiles, Souls in the light, Ethereal, Dance of the fairies, Soul Searching, Drifting Apart, In Another Time, Lost Love, Faces, The Abyss, Souls, Contagion, The Possession, The Dance, Birth, Spiritual Council, Forces, The spirit within, Beautiful souls searching, Beasts Within, Soul catch, Envy, Soul Stealer, Push me Pull me, Snatching of the soul, Entangled, Ghost, Chaos Harmony, Green Goddesses, Ghosts, Spirits, Chernobyl, Supernaturals, Spiritual Collective consciousness, Strangers, When your demons try to pull you down, Preserver, Faces, Insomnia, The wicked witch of the west, Help us, Good vs Evil, Soul escaping, Anxiety, Pushed to the limit, Liquid dance, Inner Breath, Scary, Spirit Force, Homecoming, Souls among us, Memories, Soul connection , Opression, Cosmic earth, Escape, Soul searching, Soul stealer, Eye of the Beholder, Social Distancing, Intertwined,  Through the storm, Soul gathering, Faceoff, Wolf Bait, Soul searching, Inner turmoil, Creation, Every Part of Me, Memories, Ghosts, Mother Earth, Battle of Good and Evil, The out-cry of spirits, Floating souls, Floating souls, The crossing, Faith so close in time, Dragons Flight, Celestial beings, The crossover, Five Faces, Purgatory, Lost souls, Gia, Faces, Lost souls, Soul Catcher, Many faces, Pulled from the fire, Covid19 Lockdown, Chaos, Talking heads, Pandemic, Transference, Purgatory, Possession, Floating Spirits, Spirits Calling, Release us, Creepy, Changing Faces, Where the beginnings end, Spirits Breaking in Waves, Carona, Earie, Covid, Seance, Dream weaver, Creationism, Twilight Zone, Push & Pull, Give & Take, Spirits having flown, Frontline, Interface, The spiritual Realm, Family conflict, Collective Souls, Won’t let go, Multiple Personalities, Come into the light, Elves, Ballet, Masquerade, Galactic ghouls, Lost Souls, Spirits Within, Punch in the back, Poverty, Hercules, Spirits, Lost souls, 19 Spirits, Fates decide, Rainbow baby, Soul snatcher, High Spirits, Ghost wars, The Realm in between, Life in the ether, Eternal life, Storm Souls, Isolation, Exhausted Alien, Astral Soul, Fluid Attraction, Etheral awakening, Cascade, Lost Souls, The magic of dreaming, Social distancing, Evolution, Battle of Spirits, Virus, Floating away, The Supernatural, Anxiety, The many faces of turmoil, The Coming, Ultra faces, Chaos, Many, Lost Souls, Oppression, Soulful, Among Angels, Invasion of Prejudice, Magnetic hearts,  Angels within, The Muse, Throat Punch, Unseen Seen, Global Pandemic, Death, Heaven and Hell, Loving Embrace, Reach out and Touch, I’ve got your back, Through the matrix, Higher Purpose, Reborn, Pretty cool, Reaching into another realm of time, Mystical, Memory of soul, Spirits around me, Faces

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